Alain Durand


Born 1942 in Albi, France into a family of photographers, Alain Durand began taking photos at an early age and it quickly became his passion.  After a brief career as a natural science teacher, his passion expanded into seeing the world as well as capturing it with his camera.

He left France and traveled throughout the world for more than 30 years with extended stays in French Polynesia, Morocco, Italy and Haiti and also many trips to North America, South America, the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.  Over this period, Durand authored numerous journalistic articles and books dealing with various themes: photography, nature, travel and art.

Durand returned to his beloved hometown of Albi in 2012 where he continues to devote himself to photography with a marked preference for images that lean toward minimalism and abstraction.  In describing his recent work, Durand states his intended purpose: “To surprise and astonish, to perceive the world by focusing our attention on details which, better than the whole, have the capacity to induce sensations and emotions.”

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