Marc Fattahi

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Marc Fattahi originals are some of the most sought after art pieces in the world, is about more than just painting. Viewers agree that his paintings have a quiet, nurturing disposition is a form of therapy for the busy lifestyles that consume us all.

His paintings has a huge respect for oceans, beaches, and a relaxing base of energy for everyone in many different settings. He has a oil on the canvas painting technique which is shown to be soothing and has a uniqueness of being pleasant in a serene nature.

Marc Fattahi was born in Persia. Ancient Persia, was the home of mathematics and astronomy, as well as being the cradle of civilization. Fattahi studied in Europe in Lyon, France to become a doctor, but soon afterwards realized he was an artist, and started paintings on the streets of Paris for years. He moved to the United States in 1988, and founded Fattahi’s Art Gallery in Stamford, CT, in 1992. Marc has patented a framing system called “Perfect Corners.”

Marc has been painting his entire adult life from Persia to Paris and finally to America. His work is exhibited several times a year in his gallery, and he has been an exhibitor at the Spectrum Art Expo in Manhattan since 1999.

His work has a vibrancy that impacts the viewer immediately. It evokes strong reactions; it grabs the viewer and demands total engagement. This portfolio showcases a sampling of his pieces, covering his major series. Fattahi’s work, taken as a whole, explores the yin/yang of the human experience, speaking to the desire for the comforts and love of home – the roots – and the yearning for exploration, adventure and the thrill of possibilities – the wings.

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